Bonkers family book characters


These are a series of hand drawn characters I have created using watch parts like cogs and dials as added parts to each characters clothing or features which I have then digitally added colour to.

I have always loved vintage and retro styled art so starting this project was something I was really looking forward to. I started with researching into vintage style wallpapers and frames because I wanted each image to have a very vintage and retro look to them. And what I have created has been developed and influenced from my research into these wacky characters.

I plan to focus working on these characters that I have created, giving them names and personalities which I have started to do so I can then make them into a little world of characters that I hope to start merchandising around them as a whole collection and hopefully add more characters along the way.

For each of the characters I wanted them to look quirky/vintage/retro… so to me drawing them with unusual shaped heads, big eyes and textures added to that overall image of how I imagined them to look.

Illustration, book, character design, victorian, vintage frames, retro, vintage, grunge, characters